Principal's Remarks

Our mission is to Make Limuru Girls' the best girls school in the country by training and moulding spiritually, socially, morally upright students who will excel in the dynamic world of academia and work, with confidence, competence and dedication to serve.

Limuru Girls' was founded in 1922 by Arnold Buttler McDonell for his four daughters and any others who might join on his farm. His governess became the first Headmistress and his oldest daughter Evelyn Mitchell became the first old girl of the school.

It was initially a junior school called Hill preparatory school and most of the girls continued with their education in England in the initial years some boys were admitted to the school but only as day scholars but the trend was abandoned from around 1943 due to staffing problems.

In 1938 the first 'O' level students sat their examination and in 1952 the first 'A' level students sat their examination. One of the beliefs that developed among students was that if all Jacaranda trees flowered around November then all the students would pass their examination.

In 1926 McDonell sold the school and 60 acres of the farm to the Church Commissioners Society. They wished to have a Diocesan school in Kenya. In 1936 the Common wealth and Continental Church Society (CCS) became responsible for the school. Today the school is sponsored by the Anglican Church of Kenya the Diocese of Mount Kenya South.

Margaret W Khainga (Mrs.)
Senior Principal

Mision & Vision


"To teach and mentor students who will excel in Academic and Character development."


"Centre of Academic and Character excellence"

School Motto:

"In Fide Vade - In Faith We Go"